Network Kısaltmalar

802.1q  VLAN tagging
AAA  Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
AAR  Automated alternate routing
ACE  Access Control Entry
ACL  Access Control List
ACL  Access Control List
AFI  Authority and Format Identifier
ARP  Address Resolution Protocol
AVVID  Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data
BECN  Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BGP  Border Gateway Protocol
BPDU  Bridge Protocol Data Unit
bps  Bit per second
BRI  Basic Rate Interface – Basit Oran Arayüzü
BUS  Broadcast and Unknown Server
BVI  Bridge-group Virtual Interface
CAC  Call Admission Control
CAM  Content Addressable Memory
CAR  Committed Access Rate
CBWFQ  Class Based Waited Fair Queue
CCNA  Cisco Certificated Network Associate
CCNP  Cisco Certificated Network Professional
CDP  Cisco Discovery Protocol
CE  Customer Equipment
CEF  Cisco Express Forwarding

CGMP  Cisco Group Management Protocol
CHAP  Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHAP  Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CIR  Committed Information Rate
CLI  Command Line Interface
CoS  Class of Service
CRC  Cyclic Redundancy Check
cRTP  Compressed Real Time Protocol
CST  Common Spanning Tree
DCE  Data Communications Equipment
dCEF  distributed Cisco Express Forwarding
DDoS  Distributed Denial of Service
DDR  Dial-on-Demand Routing
DE  Discard Eligibility
DMZ  DeMilitarized Zone
DNS  Domain Name System
DoD  Department of Defense
DoD  Department of Defense
DOS  Denial of Service
DRAM  Dynamic RAM
DSCP  Differentiated Services Code Point
DSP  Digital Signal Processor
DTE  Data Terminal Equipment
DTP  Dynamic Trunking Protocol
DTR  Data Terminal Ready
EAP  Extensible Authentication Protocol
EAP-fast  Extensible Authentication Protocol-fast
EAP-PEAP  Extensible Authentication Protocol -Protected Extensible
Authentication Protocol
EAP-TLS  Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Lecel Security
EEPROM  Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EIA  Electronic Industries Association
EIGRP  Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
FECN  Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
FIFO  First In First Out
FR  Frame Relay
FSM  Feasible Successor Metrics
GLBP  Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
GRE  Generic Route Encapsulation
HDLC  High Level Data Link Protocol
HSRP  Hot Standby Routing Protocol
HTTP  Hypertext Terminal Protocol
ICC  Inter Card Communication
ICMP  Internet Control Message Protocol
IDS  Intruder Dedection System
IEEE  The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IFS  IOS File System
IGMP  Internet Group Management Protocol
IGRP  Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
IKE  Internet Key Exchange
ILMI  Integrated Local Management Interface
IOS  Internetworking Operating System
IP  Internet Protocol
IPS  Intruder Preventing System
IPSec  IP Security
ISDN  Integrated Services Digital Network
IS-IS  Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System Intradomain
Routing Protocol
IS-IS  Internediate System-to-Intemediate System
ISL  Inter-Switch Link
ISO  International Organization of Standardization
L2TP  Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol
LACP  Link Aggregration Protocol
LAN  Local Area Network
LAPB  Link Access Procedure Balanced
LCP  Link Control Protocol
LCP  Link Control Protocol
LDA  Local Director Acceleration
LES  LAN Emulation Server
LFIB  Label Forwarding Information Base
LLC  Logical Link Control
LLQ  Low Latency Queue
LMI  Link Management Interface
LSA  Link State Advertisement
LWAPP  LightWeight Access Point Protocol
MAC  Media Access Control
MAN  Metropolitan Area Network
MD5  Message Digest 5
MIB  Management Information Base
MII  Media-Independent Interface
MLS  Multilayer Switching
MLSE  Maintenance Loop Signaling Entity
MOP  Maintenance Operation Protocol
MOTD  Message-Of-The-Day
MQC  Modular QoS
MSDP  Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
MST  Multiple Spanning Tree
MSTI  MST Instance
MSTP  Multiple Spanning Tree
MTU  Maximum Transmission Unit
NAT  Network Address Translation
NBAR  Network Based Application Recognition
NDE  NetFlow Data Export
NET  Network Entity Title
NetBIOS  Network Basic Input/Output System
NFFC  NetFlow Feature Card
NMP  Network Management Processor
NSAP  Network Service Access Point
NSF  Non-Stop Forwarding
NSF  Nonstop Forwarding
NTP  Network Time Protocol
NVRAM  Nonvolatile RAM
OSI  Open System Interconnection
OSPF  Open Shortest Path First Protocol
OSPF  Open shortest path first
PACL  Port Access Control List
PAE  Port access entity
PAgP  Port Aggregation Protocol
PAP  Password authentication protocol
PAT  Port Address Translation
PBD  Packet buffer daughterboard
PBR  Policy Based Routing
PBX  Private Branch Exchange
PC  Personal Computer
PCM  Pulse code modulation
PDP  Policy decision point
PDU  Protocol data unit
PE  Provider Equipment
PEP  Policy enforcement point
PGM  Pragmatic General Multicast
PHY  Physical sublayer
PIB  Policy information base
PIM  Protocol Independent Multicast
PKI  Public Key Infrastructure
PoE  Power over Internet
PPP  Point-to-Point Protocol
PQ  Priority Queue
PRI  Primary Rate Interface
PSTN  Public Switching Telephone Network
PVC  Permenant Virtual Circuit
PVST  Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol
PVST+  Per VLAN Spanning Tree+
QM  QoS manager
QoS  Quality of Service
RADIUS  Remote Access Dial-In User Service
RAM  Random Access Memory
RCP  Remote Copy Protocol
RED  Random Early Detection
RF  Radio Frequency
RGMP  Router-ports Group Management Protocol
RIB  Routing Information Base
RIF  Routing Information Field
RIP  Router Information Protocol
RMON  Remote Network MONitor
ROM  Read-Only Memory
RP  Route Processor yada Rendezvous Point
RPC  Remote Procedure Call
RPF  Reverse Path Forwarding
RPR  Route Processor Redundancy
RR  Round robin
RST  Reset
RSTP  Rapid Spanning Tree, Real Time Streaming Protocol
RSVP  Resource Reservation Protocol
RTP  Realtime Transfer Protocol
SAID  Security Association Identifier
SAP  Service Access Point
SCM  Service Connection Manager
SCP  Switch-Module Configuration Protocol
SDEE  Security Device Event Exchange
SDLC  Synchronous Data Link Control
SDM  Security Device Manager
SFP  Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver
SIMM  Single In-line Memory Module
SLB  Server Load Balancing
SLCP  Supervisor Line-Card Processor
SLIP  Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMDS  Software Management and Delivery Systems
SMTP  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol
SPAN  Switched Port Analyzer
SRM  Service Resource Module
SSM  Security Service Module
SSO  Stateful Switchover
STP  Spanning Tree Protocol
SVC  Switched Virtual Circuit
SVI  Switched Virtual Interface
TACACS+  Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus
TCAM  Ternary Content Addressable Memory
TCP  Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TFTP  Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TLV  Type-Length-Value
TOS  Type of Service
TTL  Time To Live
UDLD  UniDirectional Link Detection
UDP  User Datagram Protocol
VACL  VLAN access control list
VAD  Voice Activity Detection
VCC  Virtual Channel Circuit
VCI  Virtual Circuit Identifier
VLAN  Virtual LAN
VLSM  Variable Lenght Subnet Mask
VMPS  VLAN Membership Policy Server
VoIP  Voice over IP
VPN  Virtual Private Network
VRF  VPN Routing and Forwarding
VRRP  Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
VTP  VLAN Trunking Protocol
VTY  Virtual TeleType
WAN  Wide Area Network
WCS  Wireless Control System
WEP  Wired Equivalent Privacy
WFQ  Weighted FairQueueing
WLAN  Wireless LAN
WLC  Wireless LAN Controller
WLSE  Wireless LAN Solution Engine
WPA  Wi-Fi Protected Access
WRED  Weighted Random Early Detection
WRR  Weighted Round-Robin


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